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How to make a Polls post Step 1: While logged in to your creator account, select the New option from your Posts section. Step 2: Choose to make a new Polls. Polling Your Patrons When you go to create a new post on your creator page, you'll see an option labeled Polls. A Patreon poll allows you to ask.

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Patreon Voting Polls Questions · You can click the "download results" button it will show the account name of the person who voted along with what they voted for. mi-home-news.ru › using-patreon-polls-to-attract-new-patrons.

polls patreon. Hey everyone! I had just started up a new poll on my Patreon account where I let people vote for the movie that they want me to review for my.

The polls system on Patreon is one of the best offered on posts due to the simplicity and built in security. However, the two features listed below. mi-home-news.ru Poll the Fans Who Matter Most with Patron Polls. Introducing, patron polls! Now you can better understand, engage, and.

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Starting at $/month contributions, you can gain access to Patreon-exclusive posts, polls, art collections and fanfiction chapters I write. (Yes.polls patreon With Aaron Elliott, Shane Farley, Calvin Grubb, Eric Whiteley. After reaching our 8k goal Blind Wave are preparing a new poll to vote on their next reaction. Polls are a great way of gauging viewers thoughts and ideas. In this episode I discuss the results of recent polls on my patreon page. Send in a voice. Constantine has won Omniatlas' April poll on Patreon! Voting is now closed. Thank you everybody for voting! I'll continue releasing maps of.

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Table of Contents I made my first patron poll on patreon today! I'm letting all patrons decide what I should draw next stream, and I plan to do this for all future. Community polls in Patreon posts. Keep this reward as long as you remain at the tier. "Patron" Discord role and channel. Keep this reward as long as you remain.

Patreon Poll Special - Ronin Warriors (w/Kyle Danger Henick). Saturday Morning Tuesdays. Greetings, Warlords! We're headed back to our Toonami days with. Monthly polls are up on patreon, make sure to vote before the poll ends! Monthly render fetish (June) | Appy-Sama on Patreon. Official Post.   polls patreon Apr 3, - this week's patreon poll was about monster girls and MERMAIDS was the winner!!! i really wanted to try and go all out on this one *u*. (PATREON) Vote for April's releases! Voting polls are now up on my Patreon for Tier patrons! Tier 3 pledge provides access to an exclusive poll where you. Porn 365 xxx Super Secret Patreon Poll. Connect to Vote. FacebookTwitterGoogle. Super Secret Patron Poll! What do I read next??? Image. Dianetics. 19 votes. 28%. Become a beta tester; Deciding certain elements of your next creation; Exclusive voting power; Focus groups; Help shape creative work with patron-only polls.

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So the new poll is up on my patreon, if you are one of my patrons that can vote on polls then head over and do so please ^-^. It's time to decide on the next prompt for March's coloring sheet! If you would like to vote in the polls, then consider becoming a $5/mo patron on Patreon. You will​.  polls patreon Patreon Voting Polls! Join our fellow Patreons who now have the capability to choose the next Game Recipe. Besides being the first to. Patreon poll results I do not know how much that visible from outside, but our project is in the middle of intensive growing. In such periods I am.

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Patreon is a content subscription platform for independent creators. I have a problem with Patreon. Patreon outages reported in the last 24 hours. Thanks for. We have a Patreon! mi-home-news.ru The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian Polls and Comments Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs​.  polls patreon An archive of the Homestuck Patreon, with wallpapers, commentary and you can vote in polls to determine what the next month's illustration. The day after the voting. Biden, maybe? Everything else, kinda not so good. Nuanced discussion regarding what the hell happened. Is this shit. 

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My patreon now sports no less than 10 polls that, put together, will introduce the 4th Chapter. Are they a secret cabal waging a shadow war on. Patreon Pin Poll Mark 2, starring Tiernan The milestone reward, when Leif & Thorn hits 50 Patreon supporters, is that I'm making pins. We're up.  polls patreon The winner of last month's Patreon poll is the topic of today's episode, Déjà vu, the strange phenomenon which translates to "already seen". Today we shall. Jessica nigri reddit mega

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